Next Shows!

Hi Everyone,

Our next show will be this Saturday, Dec 27th from 8:30 to 11:30pm at Twin Oaks Tavern  We will be playing our Country repertoire mostly, as our alter ego "Country Steem". Its all great music! We mix Country, Southern Rock, a litle rockabilly, and Rockin Blues. We will keep you engaged and entertained all night. Full Steem aka Country Steem.

Dan, Carl, Kurt, Craig, Doug


Whats Up?

Happy New Year and Holiday Season 

Hello everyone, friends, acquaintances, musicians, music lovers, Crossroads family.... Love to all of you and best wishes for a safe and happy holidays.


November and December 

We had an absolute blast at twin Oaks. We played alot of country Rock and Blues dance music. To all those who were there thank you for your energy and love and support. Thanks to Linda, Christina, Roberta, Claire, Vito, Ross, Don, the Petaluma contingent...

We were dialed in and had tremendous feedback. We have now been together for 7 years give or take and just love playing with one another. We look forward to more shows coming up and as always please give your feedback...suggestions etc... especially with… Read more

Recent exploits 

Pub Republic was a lot of fun Thursday night the 18th. We love this little venue. We under-publicized but had a very nice group and we danced and mingled. Thank you to all the new friends who attended. We enjoyed meeting you all.
Last night the 19th I had the pleasure of messin around with the Mighty Groove at Twin Oaks and bidding a bon voyage to Sandra Collingwood as she departs for the Pacific Northwest at the end of the month. Sandra, when you get settled lets plan a bus trip for the band and friends...… Read more

Thank you from Full Steem and The Redwood Cafe 

Thank you to everyone who came out on the 23rd for a wonderful night of killer music. We gave out some gift certificates, some gag gifts and got some great suggestions for songs for next 70's show which by the way will be in February 2015 at Redwood. 

Cheers, Dan and company

Gettin ready for the 70's 

Last night we had a rehearsal getting ready for our show at the Redwood Café. Conversations about where we were, what we were doing, wearing, smoking etc... playing, were tremendous. Everyone left the rehearsal saying how much fun this will be. I am truly blessed and grateful to have such talented and experienced musicians to play with and call my friends. Next gig is jazz in a vineyard with my good friend Shauna Miller.

For our Redwood 70's night we have prizes for those who dress like the 70's. dressing… Read more